Why Employee Background Verification Should not be an Afterthought?

By Archna Oberoi | 18th January 2018 | #verification importance

Employees are the most valuable, intangible asset of an organization. Irrespective of the role complexity or nature of work, a new employee is anticipated to benefit the company with his creative ideas, experience, and personality.

Employee hiring is a process that takes place in stages. From shortlisting applicants to scheduling interviews to job offer, one thing that’s continuously checked for reference is the resume.

While a resume cites the history of an applicant, in most of the cases, it conceals the actuality. According to First Advantage (a global background screening agency), 10% of Indians lie on their resume to get jobs, whereas 50% submit fake documents. And if you think that such practices are prevalent to jobs are lower levels, then you're under a misapprehension.

Low-fidelity in resumes is found, regardless of industry, experience, or position. And the very reason for such fraudulent activities is less attention paid to background screening at the time of hiring. That is why screening resume should never be an afterthought.

Why an Interview should be Followed by Employee Background Verification?  

An employee is hired to add value to the organization. Through background screening, you can acknowledge ethics of an applicant, his performance at previous workplace, and genuineness of the personality that’s being presented till interview. Here are some more reasons why pre-employment screening is important.

1. It Flags the Fault in Performance or Personality (if any)

A book should never be judged by its cover and an employee with mere resume. To understand the applicant well, you can contact their previous employer who can share their overall performance (including team leadership, coordination with the team, behaviour with other team members, curiosity to learn, to take task ownership etc.). Possibly, you may get to know some faults in the applicant that gives a red flag to their appointment in your organization. Or, on the other side, you may get the confidence in hiring because their ex-employer gives an amazing feedback for them.

2. It Clears all Remuneration Facts with Previous Employer

Lying about the salary in previous organizations has been one of the common dishonest move by the applicants. Employee background check enables you to confirm their previous salary in the organization, ensuring you that the employee is not joining you for another salary hike.

3. It Confirms the Claims of Position and Achievements

HRs and recruiters come across a number of deceptive resumes, wherein applicants lie about their positions and achievements. By performing a thorough screening, there is a certainty in abilities of the applicant so that responsibilities can be shared with them, accordingly.

4. It certifies that you have Chosen the Best

Hiring and recruitment is a process of great responsibility. When an interview is followed by a background verification check, it gives a state of satisfaction that a new asset is added to the company that will surely add an expected value to it. This process also enable organizations to maintain a trust in the applicant that gives basis to many other professional relations further ahead.

Employee Background Verification: How to Get Started?

Recruiters and HRs generally perform a rudimentary check on the resume. This may include thoroughly screening every elements of the resume. While this works well in most of the cases, it does not proffer 100% satisfaction for all the facts shared above. And for that, contacting the previous employers and scrutinizing the applicants is an important step that every organization must take.

However, the biggest halt in employee background verification process is manual screening of every applicant. The process turns out to be time consuming when performed for multiple applicant and takes up a lot of time of hiring department.

How about a tool doing all the checks for you? No calling for verification and waiting for the right time to talk. With OkHire, you can now automate employee background screening and receive detailed reports from the previous employers of the applicant. You can get started with free version of the tool that offers 3 refchecks, absolutely free.

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