Tips for a Faster, Exhaustive Employee Background Check

By Archna Oberoi | 18th January 2018 | #verification importance

On an average, 55% of the companies take around two months to hire the right candidate, reveals a study. Finding the right candidate is a time-taking process itself. To add to this, HRs and recruiters take up a long in background verification, which further delay hiring of a deserving candidate. For that reason, there is a strict call to speed up the process of spotting a candidate and hire it (after thorough screening).

Employee background verification is one of the imperative steps of hiring the most deserving and relevant asset for the company. Here is how faster yet stringent background checking can be done.

  • Have a Consistent Policy for Background Check

For employee background screening, the company should have a predefined list of information that has to be verified. Instead of focusing on what’s propounded in the resume, make a list of employee related factors that actually matters to the company. Also, ensure that screening policy remains same for all the employees, irrespective of the experience and position.

  • Make a List of What Needs to be Scrutinized

When a background check policy is created, make it a point to mention the facts that needs to be validated. This may include a character check, overall remuneration received from previous employees, performance related queries, and other qualitative factors that company considers contribute in validating an employee’s personality.

  • Inform Candidates about Screening Before

Candidates hold all rights to be informed before verification from previous employers, references, or other sources. Therefore, make it a point to take written consent of the candidates for screening and collect required information from them accordingly.

  • Use Technology-Driven Verification System

Manually verifying candidate’s details is definitely a time-consuming process. Also, communicating verbally may lead to any kind of miscommunication, which indeed no one wants. Therefore, a reliable mode of communication should be adopted that enable HRs and recruiters to maintain record the information exchanged between different sources.

How to Simplify Project Employee Background Verification

To ascertain that the time between finding the right candidate to employing them for your company’s benefit is not stretched much, opting for a seamless background verification system is imperative. Through OKHire, we have developed a technology-driven solution that can help HRs and recruiters to automate background checks.

A SAAS based model, OKHire allows verifying multiple employees, with complete transparency in report. For a demo to understand how OKHire works, all you need is to create your free account, which will therefore allow screening 3 employees, for free.

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