By Archna Oberoi | 23rd April 2018 | #verification importance

3 Traits to Look for in your Next Hire and How to Verify Them

Hiring a candidate by assessing them for technical skills is no more the criteria to select a stellar employee. Aptitude, rectitude, and other personality traits is as important as the technical skillset that an individual possess.


By Archna Oberoi | 9th April 2018 | #verification importance

5 Best Practices For an Effective Background Check

A bad hire not only results in loss of time and expenses but also casts a negative impact on other employee’s morale and a decrease in overall company productivity.


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By Archna Oberoi | 18th January 2018 | #verification importance

Why Employee Background Verification Should not be an Afterthought?

Employees are the most valuable, intangible asset of an organization. Irrespective of the role complexity or nature of work, a new employee is anticipated to benefit the company with his creative ideas, experience, and personality.


By Archna Oberoi | 26th March 2018 | #verification importance

3 Ways How Manual Background Checks Fail Employers and How to Stay Safe?

As an employer or HR representative, this has to be one of your biggest fears. Hiring an employee, having them clear the background check process, and inducting them in your team, only to later find out awful things about them


By Archna Oberoi | 8th March 2018 | #verification importance

The Invisible Cost of a Bad Hire and How to Stay Safe?

Most employers know that conducting background checks is an important business practice, but a very few invest their time to evaluate the candidate’s credentials.


By Archna Oberoi | 23rd February 2018 | #verification importance

4 Critical Risks you take When Background Verification isn’t a Part of Hiring Process

According to Fast Company, one fourth of the companies surveyed estimated that a bad hire costed them at least $50,000 in the past year. A bad hire not only results in loss of time and expenses