Benefits of Automating Background Verification Process

By Archna Oberoi | 6th July 2018 | #verification importance

The fact that 1 in every 6 candidates in India lie on their resume has made HRs’ and recruiters get rigorous with the hiring process. And to make sure that for any position, there are no bad hires in the company, background verification has become an imperative part employing a new member into the team. 

The cost of bad hire is dreading. Therefore, confirming the discovered abilities of a candidate, before an offer of joining is handed over to them, a thorough background check is necessary. 

Ever since the idea of conducting BVGs became a mandate in companies, it has been done manually by the recruiting team. From taking consent for verification to contacting the former employers, every step involved in BGV is performed manually. While this might have worked years back, it is certainly not a prominent solution when bulk hiring is done. Other than this, the manual verification process has some loopholes, which includes: 

  • No record maintenance of response given by former employer of the candidate
  • Chances of misplacing the records when BGVs are done manually
  • The process is time taking and many take additional efforts in follow-ups from the employer of a candidate

How can automation improve the background verification cycle? Automating BVGs means you don’t have to waste time in follow-ups, everything is recorded, and there are near-to-no chances of misplacing records. Let’s talk about this in detail. 

1. When employee background verification is automated, the electronically done communication is recorded, which can be further analyzed and kept for auditing in future, if required. 

2. The tools for automated employee background verification include options for notifying and reminding former employers of candidates. This reduces follow up time and ensures that there are high chances of getting response. 

3. Automating BGVs is a time saving option when hiring in bulk in done, and for critical positions. Software applications like OkHire enable HRs and recruiting team to manage the hiring, ensuring that BGVs hold an advantage over manual checks. 

Okhire: A Solution to Automate BGV Process

Given that automating background verification can offer a number of benefits, it is high time to make a shift from manual BGV process to the automated one. In making this shift seamless and profitable, OkHire can help. To know how, schedule a demo of the product and understand how it can add value to your existent employee background verification system. 

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