3 Ways How Manual Background Checks Fail Employers and How to Stay Safe?

By Archna Oberoi | 26th March 2018 | #verification importance

As an employer or HR Representative, this has to be one of your biggest fears. Hiring an employee, having them clear the background check process, and inducting them in your team, only to later find out awful things about them that you, in good faith, believed should have been identified prior to them being hired.  

Worse yet, the new hire causes harm to your company or employees. According to Fast Company, one fourth of the companies surveyed estimated that a bad hire costed them at least $50,000 in the past year. A bad hire not only results in loss of time and expenses but also casts a negative impact on other employee’s morale and a decrease in overall company productivity.

The information they are upset to hear which was not found during their manual background check can range from frightening criminal records to multiple prior terminations, data theft, abuse or other unethical deeds at the workplace. These problems persist because of what we have identified as these these primary reasons:

  1. You didn’t conduct a thorough background verification for your new hire

  2. If you did, the background screening company did a manual verification, which usually resulted in loopholes and unauthentic information due to manual intervention

  3. The applicant intentionally provided wrong personally identifying information that misleads the background check

Thankfully, technology can help solve these issues. Inducting automation in the background screening process and literally eliminate these three concerns and prevent businesses from hiring people who would otherwise fail their background checks. Automated background screening for employers and recruiters include zero-manual intervention that leads to fool proof background checks and ensures high credibility of information. Recruiters can send instant verifications through a secure, web-based automated system, using which, the verifier can verify the information requested. If the applicant has provided illicit information, it can be identified readily.

If you wish to mitigate these hiring risks by implementing an automated employee background verification software, we’ll be happy to reach out to you for a personalized demo. 

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