3 Traits to Look for in your Next Hire and How to Verify Them

By Archna Oberoi | 23rd April 2018 | #verification importance

Hiring a candidate by assessing them for technical skills is no more the criteria to select a stellar employee. Aptitude, rectitude, and other personality traits is as important as the technical skillset that an individual possess.

When employing for any role in the company, it is important that you confirm these 3 personality traits in a candidate. This will ensure that you hire crème de la crème, who can help your business achieve envisioned goals.

1. Fortitude and determination: If the candidate has got the passion and perseverance to realize long-term goals, they are a best fit to be added to your organization. Every company has got long term game-plans for success, and achieving them is not easy. Employees that can stand the adverse situations and continue with a positive spirit are those who target achievement. To determine how gritty is your candidate, you can ask them about their success and failure experiences from the past and how did they handle them.

2. Internal locus of control: In personality psychology, a persona with internal locus of control believes that he/she can influence events and their outcomes. On the other side, a person with external locus of control blames the outside force for everything.

Make sure that the candidate that you hire believes in his abilities to control or bring the outcome, rather than just acting as a victim of bad luck, if things don’t work out. A person with internal locus of control with have a positive impact on entire work culture, which will ultimately foster the growth.

3. Emotional quotient/intelligence (EQ): Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way. That is why, along with scrutinizing the candidate for their skills, intelligence quotient, it is significant to check test them for their emotional quotient.

EQ is the ability of person to recognize their emotions, and use that understanding to manage thinking, behaviour, and adapt to different environment. During F2F rounds, you can ask questions to the candidates that reveals their emotional quotient. To ensure that you are successful in testing the EQ during interviews, it is a good idea to prepare a list of questions beforehand.

Verifying the examined personality traits is equally important

Now that you have assessed a candidate for the required capabilities and personality traits, it’s the time to confirm them. For this, there is no better way than having a background verification. The former employer of a candidate knows a lot about them and can help you out to confirm that what you have discovered about the candidate is true.

You can manually call the former employers and continue to assess the candidate. Or you can use technology-driven modes to accelerate the background verification process. Automating BVG checks not only saves times but also maintains a record of the entire verification process. 

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