3 Critical Skills to Assess in a Candidate while Hiring

By Archna Oberoi | 10th May 2018 | #verification importance

Resumes are poor predictors of a candidate’s on-the-job success. While they give an overview of candidate’s professional history, they stay silent about their personality, character, or ability to persuade.

In fact, resumes are flawed and contorted. According to a research conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute, 78% resumes are misleading, 21% state fraudulent degrees, 40% have inflated salary claims, and 33% have inaccurate job descriptions.

With resumes failing to assess a candidate for their creativity, drive, and leadership skills, it’s high time to adopt meaningful modes of assessing their true personality. Here are three ways that can help in selecting the right candidate for your company.

1. Testing general mental ability of the candidate

General Mental Ability is the potential of an individual to learn, understand instructions, and solve problems. While the skillset in resume tells about how the candidate has performed in the past, assessing a candidate for his problem solving skills during interview reflects his ability to solve new, abstract, and unfamiliar problems.

2. Situation-based evaluation for social intelligence

By evaluating social intelligence of a candidate, you can assess their ability to perceive social cues, anticipate the effect of an action on others, and behave according to social scenarios. This includes verbal and conversational skills, effective listening skills, adaptability to different culture or people, emotional quotient (EQ) are some of the qualities that can be looked out in a candidate for determining their social intelligence. A situational judgement test can help in this context, wherein the candidate is expected to respond to a certain situation.

3. Determining work ethics of the candidate 

Strong work ethics in an employee helps a company achieve its goal. There are a number of metrics to evaluate work ethics of a candidate such as their accountability for results, emphasis on quality, teamwork and leadership, level of commitment to finish assigned tasks etc. For evaluation, you need to interview them for their past experiences, ask them about milestones in their career, situations where they managed to overcome challenges in a project etc.

Confirming candidate’s abilities with employee background verification 

Employee background verification is the process of validating a candidate’s abilities, aptitude, and rectitude from their former employers. This not only confirm the candidate’s potential but also saves your company from bad hires. Employee background verification can be manually done or automated to confirm employment duration, salary details, personality traits etc. of the candidate.

Employee background verification has become a neccesity rather than an option it used to be. In case you are facing challenges in employee background verification, schedule a demo of our automated employee screening tool, OkHire.


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