By Archna Oberoi | 27th August 2018 | #verification importance

The Role of Pre-Employment Background Verification in IT Hiring

With digitization and startup wave in India, there is a rise in hiring for technical teams. HRs and recruites are putting their best step forward to design a hiring cycle that helps in choosing the best candidate for organization.


By Archna Oberoi | 27th July 2018 | #verification importance

How to Make Employee Background Verification Cost-Effective?

Indian companies, irrespective of the industry they belong to, are realizing the need and benefits of employee background verification. Given that 70% of recruitment managers come across forged resumes


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By Archna Oberoi | 6th July 2018 | #verification importance

Benefits of Automating Background Verification Process

The fact that 1 in every 6 candidates in India lie on their resume has made HRs’ and recruiters get rigorous with the hiring process. And to make sure that for any position, there are no bad hires in the company


By Archna Oberoi | 4th July 2018 | #verification importance

4 Practices to Shorten Employee Hiring Cycle

Scuffling through countless number of resumes and filter them to shortlist only a few, relevant candidates is a dreading job for HRs and recruiters. The process of hiring is


By Archna Oberoi | 15th June 2018 | #verification importance

Employment History Verification: 5 Facts that it Unveils

From thorough skill testing to assessing the candidates for their aptitude/rectitude in F2F, HRs and recruiters spare no effort to hire the best. However, these traditional practices for hiring are not enough


By Archna Oberoi | 13th May 2018 | #verification importance

Why Employee Background Screening is Imperative in India?

Over the past few years, the Indian government has been proactive in its initiatives to raise employment opportunities. Digital India, StartUpIndia, digitization and globalization are some of the reasons why there is a spike in the number